Cool Nail Art

Chrome Nails Using Gel Polish

So what i am gonna do for you today is some amazing Chrome nails Using the different pigment powders we’ve got they are all gonna be a little bit different a little bit sparkley

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Staggered Gradient | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys! Today we’re going to be working on what I’m calling a staggered gradient, and while I know it’s possible I’m unintentionally copying someone, I’ve

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Matte quilted nails the EASY DIY WAY

Holo everyone, what’s up it’s Cristine, and today I have some matte quilted nails for you. cuz… I don’t know why. oh well. Wait a second, some of you did

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Nail art tutorial : blue feathers design

Hello! Today, I’m gonna show you a tutorial for making feathers in Nail Art . This is similar to the multiple-layers effect in nail art design. It is quick and easy. Hope you’ll

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No Tool Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs & Ideas Without Any Nail Art Tools

In my previous nail tutorials I demonstrated that you don’t need any fancy tools to create amazing nail art designs. But today, we are taking a step further and we are making

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