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Butterfly Nail Art

Nail Art Supplies

Fancy manicures with colorful designs has gotten to be a hot topic and extremely trendy these days. And there are a few basic nail art supplies that a beginner should have on hand. read more

What is Japanese 3D Nail Art?

Japanese 3D nails are handmade accessories. People are crazy about the Japanese nail style and these nails are everywhere. The 3-dimensional objects that are utilized in Japanese read more

Does Vicks Help Foot Fungus?

Athlete’s Foot is a very painful, unsightly, and unforgiving fungus of the foot. It is called “Athlete’s Foot” because it is usually spread by bacteria found read more

Ringworm is a Fungal Infection

It just isn’t at all times straightforward to know whether or not a rash in your pores and skin is fungal or bacterial. It might be neither. Fungal or bacterial an infection read more

Ingrown Toenails – How to Treat & Prevent Them

An ingrown toenail is a curved formed nail which grows into the pores and skin on the edges. Mild curvature of the nail might not end in a lot ache, however extreme curvature may read more

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