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Finger Nail Health – What Your Fingers Are Telling You

Are your fingernails letting you down? Judging by the ever growing market for false acrylic nails, it would seem that lots of people prefer to hide their nails. Amazingly, the condition read more

How to File a Nail Without a Nail File

Don’t you hate it when you break or snag a finger nail? It’s annoying and dangerous. Anyone that has cut their nose having a rough nail knows this. Don’t even go read more

Why is Toe Nail Fungus So Hard to Treat?

Nail fungus is an unsightly, sometimes painful condition that afflicts millions of Americans. More common in the toe nails compared to finger nails, this condition is notoriously read more

Different Types of Body Art

These are the different types of body art:

Jewelry is the most common type. This is a temporary type which almost everyone wears (sometimes) like a ring or necklace.

Tattoos are read more

What Exactly Is a Pedicure?

So you’ve heard about this pedicure thing and aren’t sure just what it is. If you are anything like I was you might think a pedicure is simply getting your toenails painted! read more

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