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Hi everyone, my nails have been pretty long recently so I thought I would take this opportunity to squeeze in another French tip design before they break on me Even though long nails are very pretty to have, I actually find short nails to be more practical when doing everyday stuff Let me know in the comments what nail length do you prefer to have? As always apply base coat to protect your nails Then apply a tip guide to help create the French tips, if you don’t have tip guides, I have a whole video on the different ways to create French tips so check it out Leave about 1/3 length of the nail to be sectioned off by the tip guide and apply white polish over the exposed areas Before the nail polish dries, peel off the guide using tweezers Next grab a liner brush and swirl it around the opening of the bottle to pick up some nail polish I’m using 2 pastel colours for this design. Blue and pink Apply vertical lines on the tip spaced out evenly Go over again if necessary to achieve opaque lines Then add a few more lines in between using the pink polish The next part you can either use glitter flakes or just simply dot it in with some black polish Apply clear coat as adhesive, while that is still wet, dip it onto the tip of an orange stick to help pick up the glitter flakes Then apply it along the edge of the French tip Reapply clear coat if necessary if it dries up quicker than you needed use a detail brush and add half circles below the glitter When drawing curved lines like this, it’s easier to use a shorter brush So depending on how big your nails are, you can decide how many lines you can fit Apply clear coat again near the bottom of the nail and add a black rhinestone to decorate.

Again you can simply add a black dot if you don’t have any decals Once you’re done, apply top coat for a lasting manicure. If you like this, please share it and add it to your favorites. Please stay tuned

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You won’t believe how long it took to do these nails

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