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Black Professional Nail Polish Review

Posted on February 23, 2018 By

1000+ images about Best of Filtered Family on Pinterest ...Today’s modern beauty scene is filled with women (and men! ) who like to wear this nail color. From the posh and privileged towards the poor and pathetic, black nail lacquer is in and likely not going anywhere soon.

Black nail polish once signified Goth or Emo status and was worn only by troublemakers, people wishing to make a sort of anti-establishment statement and those looking to finish a wonderful Halloween costume. Many remember when gender bender glam rockers like Freddie Mercury from Queen wore black fingernail polish back in the 1970son only one hand, no less! David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Tommy Lee are just a few of the many other self-proclaimed rock Gods who have worn black nail polish. Of course, famous horror empress Elvira also helped to place black fingernail polish on the map, making it a famous favorite in earlier years.

Beauty experts are actually calling black nail lacquer one of the most prevalent beauty trend since 2011. While black polish may have once been equated with rebellion, now even the most elegant and conservative celebs and fashionistas are donning the darkness of black within the red carpet and at social events. Most recently, you may have seen Lindsay Lohen, any one of the Kardashian sisters or fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons showing off their black-polished manicures and pedicures, taking what was first regarded as a fast-fading fad and making it a style mainstay. Highly respected mainstream brands like Chanel have added black nail polish to their cosmetics line. Midnight, Charcoal and Really Black are just a few of the catchy names given to the many black nail polishes available by a number of different brands on the beauty market.

The cool thing about black polish is it goes with everything and is perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re wanting to spice up for a formal event or stay casual and comfortable, black polish is an excellent nail color choice. Plus, if you’re wearing black, vibrant red, light pink, primary or punk neon colors, black nail enamel completes any outfit. Another quickly developing trend is nail polishes that are not actually black, but deep and dark enough to produce a statement. Big names in nail polish are making dark reds, purples, browns and grays to accommodate people who love the black nail look, but want to be a little less dramatic.

Of course, to maximize the overall style, flair and panache of black fingernails, you should make your hands, nails and feet are properly maintained and manicured. Nothing says yuck faster than unhealthy and unkempt black-painted fingernails! Also, remember that black nail polish looks best on shorter, well-kept nails. Keep in mind that nails longer than a sporty length don’t always look good in black. If you are one of the chosen few who may have naturally long, fortified nails (or you have solar or acrylic nails) stay away from true black tints because they have a tendency to make you look tacky instead of terrific. Try blood red yet another fabulous black-based nail color.

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