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Black Lace Netting Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

Posted on December 31, 2016 By

We’re going to be doing a French nail with some black netting on top. If you’ve not already applied your white tip and you want to check back on your videos do so now. So this tip is already applied and we’ve already put our prep and our primer on. We’re going to use a little bit of cover pink because we’re going to extend the nail bed slightly. Don’t forget when picking up your cover pink to take the liquid out of the back of the bead, that way the colour will stay nice and strong. We’re going to apply it by reverse method, and blend down towards your client. Smile line for your normal angle. Your next bead, don’t forget, do not take the liquid out of this one, because we want it to blend to the bead we’ve already applied. and just tidy up that smile line. We’re now going to apply a small bead of clear on to the free edge. Make sure you’ve got your piece of netting ready, because what were going to do is wait for that clear to go matte coloured.

We don’t want it to be too shiny, and then we’re going to press our piece of netting in to it to secure it in to place. Press it down and hold it, let the clear acrylic set a bit more. Now we can use the belly of our brush to pad the clear acrylic down. Were going to apply another bead of clear acrylic to cap this piece of netting in. We’re then going to move onto pink acrylic on our zones two and three. Remember when doing zone three to tilt the client’s nail down slightly, so it doesn’t run down towards the cuticle. We’re going to let this nail set a little bit now and the we’re going to apply our pinching tool. So, we’re going to place our pinching tool on now.

Don’t forget if you are wanting a really tight pinch to use this area of the pinching tool and if you’re wanting a slightly looser pinch to use the top area. So this nail’s now pinched, we can take our pinching tool off. We need to cut away the excess lace, and then we can file. Don’t forget when we’re using tips you tend to have frills come from underneath so make sure you get them out. So, we’re going to do a little one-stroke bow on this design so we need the area surface to be a little bit smoother, so we’re going to white block it. Then you need to get rid of your dust. You’re going to dip your brush in to two colours at the same time, You’re then going to use your own skin to blend those two colours together. Place your brush on, make the outside of the brush move but the inside stay in the same place.

You’re then going to use a detailer brush to outline this little bow. And we’re also going to apply the ribbons that way. Let the paint dry and then we’re going to apply some gel top coat, then we’re going to apply a bead of acrylic right in the centre. Pop your client in to the lamp for two minutes so that nail’s now set. We’re just going to pick up a really small bead of white acrylic, take the liquid out of your bead and place it in to the centre of that bow tap it down until it starts to stay, now we need to wait for it to turn matte, then what we’re going to do is push in at either side to make it look like a ribbon.

We’re going to finish this nail off with little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in. And that’s that nail done.

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