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Black and Red Acrylic Nail with White Roses Tutorial

Posted on July 7, 2017 By

For this nail I’m going to do a black and red tip and then I’m going to do some hand-painted white roses on top. This nail has already been prepped with it’s tip applied so we’re straight on to our acrylic. Starting off by applying the red to make our smile line then I’m moving onto the black. Just keep building your colours up until you feel that they’re strong enough. You want them to be quite bold for this design so that the white roses stand out. Finishing with the red on top because that blends better and then we’re going to cap this whole nail. When you’re working with black make sure you keep wiping your brush so it doesn’t run back into your nail bed area. Leave that nail to set for a bit, before you pinch it. It’s now ready for the pinching tool, place it on, leave it there for few minutes. Take your pinching tool off and then this nail is ready for filing. So for the white hand-painted roses we need to make this smooth on the surface use your white block, get rid of your dust.

So for your white, hand-painted roses, your going to start off by doing a little comma in both directions and then you’re going to start going round. Then we’re going to do some little ones coming off. Then we’re going to finish off with some leaves. Let your paint set and then the nail’s ready for a gel top-coat. Get your client to pop that finger into the lamp for two minutes. So, to finish this nail off, just a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in.

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