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Hi everyone, today’s video will give you some ideas for spring break or if you’re just heading to the beach to chill out and enjoy the sun I’ve got a few options for you, depending on what decals you have or what skill level you are, you can pick and choose which ever works for you Let me know which one you like the best? As always, start with base coat to protect your nails Choose a beach blue color and apply a side French tip using the brush that comes with your nail polish bottle It doesn’t have to be super neat. Just a rough line will do Next use a dotting tool and add some random sized dots along the edge of the friench tip Then Dip it in a dark blue polish and dot on top, some of the white dots so it looks like random bubbles Grab a liner brush next and drag some curly lines across the tip of the nail This will make the French tip look more like a beach with the added waves There you have it, a simple French tip design for the beach Now if you want to be a little bit more creative, you can add things like a star fish, foot prints or flip flops, things you would normally find on the beach Add them in the empty areas below each french tip For the index finger I went with a star fish.

We all know how to draw a star right? On my pinky finger, I added some foot prints Start with a blob of colour then make one end bigger than the other, and add 1 big dot and 4 smaller dots for the toes If you have room, add another one, but if not then one is enough As you can see if you don’t leave enough room at the right place, you will end up with 2 right foot On the middle finger I went with a flip flop design Start with an oval shape, then add 2 curved lines for the straps For my Ring finger, the duo colored little tropical fishes were created by dipping a detail brush into 2 different colours then dot onto the nail at an angle to create the tear drop shaped body Add one more dot for the fish tail and a little black dot for the eyes The last look I have for you today is created with this set of bikini girl stickers I know you guys in the US call it spring break, over here in Australia we have a smililar thing called schoolies which looks exactly like this set of stickers Simply place it on top of the nail to decorate it.

If you think the girl is too busty, cover it up with some flowers Once you’re done, apply top coat over the decals to secure them for a long lasting manicure.

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Beautifully painted nails in under a minute

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