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HI GIRLS ! ^^ Negative space is one of the latest trends in the world of nail art so I decided to create one. What do you need for this nail art is: – base coat , rose polish , a mat top coat and a black nail polish. Apply one layer of base coat polish each nail and apply twice the rose polish to have a full color , at the end apply a mat top coat . To create the design use the black polish which is a contrast color and confer to nail art the aspect of NEGATIVE SPACE . Nail Art #1 – with a thin brush apply the black polish all around the nail and draw a right line that divide in two piece the nail. In one part draw four lines two obliques and the two central lines that are parallel to each others. At the end put two dots in the other part. Nail Art # 2 – draws the line surrounding the nail, make a line up to half the nail then split in two sidelines.

Make two points at the top of the nail. Nail Art # 3 – draws a triangular shape in the middle of the nail and make the lines inside and at the base of the triangle divide with an oblique line.

Nail Art # 4 – at the base of the nail draws two lines for the entire length that meet at the top and inside creates small triangles. Nail Art # 5 – make an oblique line that divides horizontally the nail and inside creates two small triangles and put two points on the other side.

I really like the design .. it’s so cool. ^^ Thank for reading ^^ Don’t forget to comment and favorite. bye bye ^.-.

As found on Youtube

Negative space image stamp

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