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Aztec Tribal Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano BeautyClub)

Posted on December 22, 2016 By

Welcome to a new tutorial for Deborah Milano Today I’ve created some freehand nail art I’ve made the aztec tribal design and I’ve used natural colors I really hope you enjoy this tutorial For the basecolor I’ve used number 64 Get The Nude Look I’m going to apply number 09 Rose Chiffon on the side On the left side I’m using number 97 Peach Flavor and last but not least I’m using number 96 Cotton Candy Don’t worry if the edges aren’t perfect, we’re going to fix that later with the black stripes Use the Deborah Milano Nail Art Brush, a striper, or anything that works for you and use number 71 Total Black to make the black stripes Now make some tribal designs, you can make anything you like it looks even better when you make all your nails different Apply some black polish on a piece of paper and use your dotting tool to make the dots Now we’re going to clean up the mess we made use your nail art brush or cotton stick with some nailpolish remover and remove the polish on the side Make sure your nailpolish is completely dry before you apply your topcoat I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you next time.

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