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Autumn Copper Foil Nail Art Design Tutorial

Posted on February 22, 2017 By

We’re going to do an Autumn style nail now where we’re going to encapsulate some copper foil. We’ve already placed the form on and this nail’s already primed and prepped, so if you’re not sure how to do those parts then look back at those videos now. We’re going to start by picking up a bead of brown and creating our free edge with it. Nice and thin because the colour is just there for design and not for strength Turn your brush round and using the tip of your brush, blend down slightly, Just using the tip of your brush just to feather it.

Belly of your brush to press it all down so that it’s nice and thin. Then we’re going to pick up come gold glitter, it’s going to go over the nail and over the brown. Tip of the brush to feather that gold up. Tip of the brush to feather it down. Don’t forget to keep your eye on those side walls because we are sculpting. We’re then going to pick up a bit of the copper foil just with a little bit of liquid on our brush, and place it on the nail. Press it down using the tip of your brush. Now we’re going to cap this whole nail in our pink acrylic. Don’t forget when you’re doing your zone three to tilt your client’s finger down a little bit so the acrylic doesn’t run down to the cuticle.

Check the thickness of your free edge and if you need to apply a little bit more, you can apply it in a reverse method. Check those side walls. Now we can wait for this nail to set before we pinch it. Don’t forget depending on your environment will depend on how quickly your acrylic sets. If you’re in a cool room it will take a bit longer, if you’re in a warm room it will set faster. Place your pinching tool on, on to the clients side walls you can then let go. This nail’s now set so we can take our pinching tool off and release the form. Pressing underneath until it comes away from the nail and then make sure that you go down. This nail’s now ready to file. We’re going to do a little bit of hand-painting on the top of this nail to turn the copper leaf into leaves. So we need the surface of the nail to be smooth, so we’re going to white block.

and then you can remove your dust. We want the black lines to be really thin so make sure you add lots of water to your paint to make sure you get nice thin lines. So small amounts of paint on your brush, outline the leaf and then put some veins into it. We’re going to finish it off with a little swirl right at the top. Wait for your paint to to dry and the we’re going to finish off with a gel top coat. Then you can put your client’s hand into the lamp for two minutes. We’re just going to apply a small amount of cuticle oil and massage it in and that nail’s finished.

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