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Animals Nail Art! 5 Nail Art Designs

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Hi everyone! Here’s a new nail art tutorial perfect for all you animal lovers! Yay! I’ll show you how to create 5 cute and easy animal designs: a cow, a flamingo, a panda, an owl and a bee. For some you will only need a toothpick for others tape or a paint brush. So there’s really something there for everyone. I hope you like the video and let’s dive into the animal world. Before applying nail polish, we have to make sure our nails will stay healthy and beautiful so cover them with a base coat first. This will protect them but also assure our designs will last longer without chipping. On my pointer I will draw a panda and bamboo plants.

Start off with a medium green shade for the base. Draw on some bamboo stalks with a light green polish and a striper. Bamboo actually represents 99% of panda’s diet! It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. High quality bamboo is stronger than steel, which makes it very useful as a building material. Here I am adding some details to the stems to make them look a bit more realistic so draw darker green short lines with a toothpick. Now it’s time to add some leaves, which is actually panda’s favorite part of a bamboo. Here I mixed a light green with some white polish and I am making some highlights to the leaves. Since bamboo is nutritionally poor, pandas have to consume up to twenty kilograms of it each day! And this takes up to 16 hours! Yep, they do take time for their meals.

Ok, now to the cutest part of this design, the panda. Take your white nail polish, and draw a circle on the tip of your nail like so. Dip a fairly large dotting tool into black polish and make two dots for the ears. You can use a q-tip if you don’t have a dotting tool. Next, make two black oval patches for the eyes like so.

Draw a small oval nose and a mouth on the bottom of the nail. Lastly, make two small white dots for the eyes. Apply a generous amount of the fast drying top coat and our adorable panda design is complete. On my right hand I drew bamboo plants on all the nails, with a panda on my ring finger as an accent. I think this manicure is just so gorgeous! This design is probably the easiest, but so cool! Especially, since you will only need a toothpick to make it! We’re making an adorable cow.

Paint your nails white. Draw a half circle shape on the tip of your nail using a medium or light pink shade. Then make four black dots. Two for the eyes and two for the nose. Next draw several black patches using a dotting tool and black polish. The last step is to apply a top coat to bring the design together. How flipping cool is this design right! I love that you don’t need any special tools to make it, it’s done fast and the result is fabulous. Next design is so summery because of the bright colors. We are making a flamingo! Start off with a pale blue or minty green as a base to represent the lake.

Flamingos live in areas of saltwater lakes or coastal lagoons. Draw half of a circle on the tip of the nail using a bright pink polish. Now take a striper or just a paint brush like me, dip it into a bit darker pink polish and outline the upper edge of the circle. Now draw a curved neck and a head like this. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first. Just sketch the shape and you can smooth the lines later. Flamingos are known for their beautiful pink color and standing on one leg.

Some studies say that they do this to preserve body heat, but flamingos in warmer waters also tend to do it… so maybe that’s just the way they like to chill. Draw a white beak and add a touch of black at the end of it. Use a toothpick and black polish to dot an eye. You can leave your design like this or add a few feathers on the body for some definition using a pale and a darker pink shades. The pink color of flamingo’s feathers is caused by the pigments in their food, which includes shrimps, plankton and algae. To finish the design apply a layer of fast drying top coat. I think this design is so beautiful. It would make a perfect accent to a solid pink or minty green manicure. Next we are making a pretty owl design. Owls have been very popular in fashion lately! I’ve seen them on t-shirts, necklaces, purses, everywhere… so why not having a cute owl on our nails too.

First I am applying a pale pink for the base. You can use any colors you want for this design. And you know me… I love me some color, so my owl will be out of this world colorful. To make owl’s body I will be using a tape. We need two pieces of it. On the first one draw a letter v with a pencil and cut away the excess tape. On the other piece draw a curved line like this and cut along that line. This is the part that we will be using. Place this piece of tape on the tip of the nail like so and the V-shaped piece on the top part of the nail. Color the space in the middle with any color of your choice. Owls are mostly brown or white, which keeps them hidden on the trees or in the snow, but I am going for the blue. When you remove the tape you are left with a shape of owl’s body.

Just make few corrections here and there to perfect it. Once you’re happy with the shape, take a q-tip, dip it into white polish and make two big dots for the eyes. We’ll get back to the eyes when the white polish dries, but in the meantime let’s make our owl a wing. I chose a pink for it. Due to the special feather structure owls are able to fly almost silently, which gives them a strong advantage when they look for food. Here I am drawing a small triangle for my owl’s beak. You can use a toothpick or a paint brush like me. To finish the eyes, make two smaller black dots inside the white ones. Owls are known for their big eyes. Did you know that they cannot move them? Instead they rotate the entire head for 270 degrees to visualize the surroundings. Draw a branch so that our owl can sit on it and finish with a pair of legs.

Apply a layer of the fast drying top coat to seal your design and protect it. How adorable is this little owl? I love switching colors with abstract ones so that designs always turn out unique. For the last design I am making a bee. We need a green base to represent the lawn. Bees have an important role in pollination and reproduction of plants. They also produce honey and beeswax! To draw a bee start with a large black dot using a q-tip. Draw a body with a paint brush, by making an oval shape like so. You can also add a stinger, although many bees are actually stingless. Now draw vertical black lines on bee’s body. Outline the wings and draw couple of antennae on its head.

I am also making a small dot for the nose. Time to take the yellow polish and color up spaces of bee’s body. Bee’s wings are transparent but I will color them in white. Lastly I am making a small white dot for the eye and our bee is completed. Now we just need to draw some details to make the design more dynamic and interesting. Make several black dots for the bee’s path like so. I am also going to draw some flowers. Make two dots for the pistil and then several dots around for the petals. To make the flower more realistic you can drag the toothpick from the petals towards the pistil while the polish is still wet.

This will give you that 3D effect. Ok, now our bee has a flower to collect the nectar from. Apply a layer of the fast drying top coat to seal this beautiful design. This design requires some freehand drawing but if you lay both hands on the table, you’ll see it’s actually very easy to make. Let me know in the comments, which design was your favorite. If you try them out, please share your recreations with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

It makes me so happy to see your amazing works of art. Please give this video a thumbs up if you would like to see another episode of the animal nail art. I love you and I will see you soon. Bye! We all need to remember that we are not the only ones living on this planet. A world without animals would be a boring place. Animals and plants are living beings, just like you and me. They mean no harm to us and we need to treat them well so we can live happily together on this beautiful planet.

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