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35 Amazing Shellac Manicure Ideas

Posted on March 7, 2018 By

The entire manicure industry is abuzz about Shellac Manicure. This novel manicure technique promises smudge proof nail color that lasts for weeks. For some, this really is nothing less than a manicure miracle. For all women who find it difficult to take time out to visit salons frequently for manicures, Shellac has come like a blessing, and it never fails to deliver. This does sound like the manicure dream come true.

Shellac nails have taken the style world with the storm and they are not going anywhere soon. This creative product is a hybrid, that is, it is partially normal nail polish and partially gel. It is thin enough to be applied like normal nail paints however it is cured in a manner that gives it great durability and flexibility. It also gives incredible sheen, that is characteristic of gel nail paints. With Shellac nail polish, much more of chipped nail paints that look untidy and ugly.

Shellac nail polish does not damage the nail beds so this is perfect for people who want long lasting nail paints without damaging the nails. If you might have durable nails, Shellac manicure ideas are just the thing for you. The Shellac manicure ideas are so appealing that anyone who sees them want to have them.

Shellac polishes need to have special preparation before application. It can be applied just like normal nail paint, which is what makes it so easy to use. The polish needs to be changed only when new nail growth begins to show, therefore it lasts at least for fourteen days. This time period could be extended even up to month. The main advantage of Shellac nail treatment is its longevity and it has surely liven up to expectation of several satisfied and happy users. With Shellac nails no filling or sculpting is needed. Only thin coats of nail paint are applied, making this a nail friendly technique.

Shellac nail treatments last much longer than traditional manicures, however it does require a little care in your own home to keep your nail healthy as well as the polish shiny and as good as new. Don’t forget to apply cuticle nail every day, or even twice per day. This oil will keep your nails healthy, penetrating the Shellac nail polish. So, you can have healthy nails beneath the beautiful colors. If you might be to use strong lotions, chemicals or tanning oils, it would be best to protect your nails with gloves.

The beautiful and durable Shellac nail treatment has won over the hearts of several women who keep returning for more. This can make your nails look so pretty that it will be hard to look away. There is really a wide range of colors that you can choose from and since it is applied like normal nail paint, you could even try making patterns and designs. The colors are so attractive and the luster this product gives to your nails is really unbelievable. If you haven’t tried the Shellac manicure as yet, it really is strongly advisable to give it a go and you will love

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