💀 CAT & GALAXY // HALLOWEEN Nail art // Facile – Easy – Nail Art Genius

💀 CAT & GALAXY // HALLOWEEN Nail art // Facile – Easy

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Hello Hello ! Ready for Halloween ? Let’s start this Halloween CAT & GALAXY nail art video ! I show you how to create an easy Halloween nail art. Nothing complicated ! We start with a base coat, mine is from ESIS. This step is essential in order to protect your nails. Then I take a black nail polish, matte or not, it doesn’t matter. Mine comes from Ciaté, and is matte. It is the first time using it, and as you can see, it is a very bad surprise ! The brush is terrible ! It doesn’t correctly apply the nail polish, let marks and “holes” without nail polish. I always have to take more nail polish… Well, I managed to use it and applied it on my thumbs, index fingers and baby fingers. Some of you asked me how I did to do not go over the edges. You need to get used to applying nail polish. Plus, you can clean your mistakes with a nail polish remover and a nail art brush. Then I use a special nail art nail polish. This one comes from Golden Rose.

Nail art nail polishes have a very thin brush, perfect to create precise looks and designs. As you can see, I am drawing my cats, starting with the ears. To do so, you have t draw two triangles on the edges of your nails. You just have to take your time. Well doing nail nart, you always have to take your time, but this is SO important if you don’t want to re-do everything. To draw the head of my cats, I just connect the ears with my black nail polish. If you want it to look realistic, you have to bend your line, as you can see. Nothing complicated ! I take a matte white nail polish to do my cats’eyes and later, stars.

I also use a dotting tool and a paper. I put some dots of nail polish on the paper and then I take it with my dotting tool. Doing so, I don’t take to much nail polish and my dots stay clean. For my cats’eyes, I put two white dots. With the nail art nail polish from Golden RoseI draw the cats’pupils. When cats are done, the easiest part is over ! Let’s go for my galaxy design ! With my matte white nail polish and my dotting tool I start to do big dots. And then smaller dots. You’re free to put them where you want ! This is the most complicated part of this Halloween nail art. Don’t panic, take your time ! I draw bigger stars and crescent moons. Use the thiner end piece of your dotting tool. For the bigger star : start with a big dot and draw out the nail polish to make 4 branches.

For the crescent moon : start with a summary line, and then work it to create the perfect shape. This is not easy. You’ll need to take your time. To end this CAT & GALAXY nail art, apply top coat. Mine comes from ESIS. Let it dry and you’re done! Congrats ! We’ve made the CAT& GALAXY nail art ! I am working on more Halloween tips and tutorials! Stay tuned!

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